Vauxhall & I

Vauxhall & I

Vauxhall Motors wanted to invigorate their car brand, but faced a paradox. On the one hand the brand had a long history and popularity that made it very well known. On the other, its very popularity softened its profile. Vauxhall was part of Britain’s furniture, so familiar that we didn’t always see it.

Working with the pr agency John Doe we resolved this by collecting individual, personal stories from Vauxhall owners that, when compliled, made up a sort of people’s history of British life in the 20th century.

Working with celebrities, brand fanatics, archivists and ordinary people with tales to tell, we conducted interviews as oral historians might, focusing on emotional experience rather than technical specifications. When the material was gathered we created the book, Vauxhall & I. We are in discussions about producing an online presence for the book and  a short film about the Vauxhall Astra.



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