London is changing: the art of a crisis

London is changing: the art of a crisis

The London Is Changing project is the work of Dr Rebecca Ross, senior lecturer and course leader at Central Saint Martins, in collaboration with the billboard firm Outdoor Plus.

Having invited people who are moving to or away from London to send her their thoughts about the experience, Ross has selected quotes to post on digital billboards in central London. They mix optimism, resignation and crossness, but together there’s no denying that they convey a lot of sadness.

It seemed timely for us, preparing for our talk about London at the House of St Barnabas this week. “Is Money Ruining London” is the title we chose: going by Rebecca Ross’ project, the answer is “yup”.

More about the project can be read here.

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  1. Sultana says:

    I would love to attend but can’t afford it…East London is my of my birth…I’m first generation immigrant… And now in my 50′s…So yes I’ve lots of first hand experience of your topic,right down to not being able to attend xx

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