Is money ruining London?

Is money ruining London?

London has become the super-rich capital of the world, with more billionaires than any other city in the world, and the highest cost of living on earth.

The burgeoning financial markets that attract the wealthy create employment and boost tax revenues which should benefit us all. And yet there is also a human cost: working people can barely afford to live in the city; the culture that attracted people in the first place is squeezed out; and communities are destroyed as the rich buy up property and buildings.

So is money making London or ruining it? Will these changes choke off the flow of ideas and innovation that has made London into one of the world’s great cities? Or will they create a thriving global metropolis for the 21st century?

Journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer is joined by prospective London mayoral candidate David Lammy MP, cultural commentator Peter York, co-author of The Sloane Ranger Handbook, and Mira Bar-Hillel, property correspondent for the London Evening Standard, to debate if money is making London… or ruining it.

This talk took place on Thursday 26th Febrary 2015, in the beautiful chapel at The House of St Barnabas, a charity that helps those affected by homelessness back into lasting employment.

It was the 10th event in the ongoing series, 37 Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain, which is a partnership between BUG and The House of St Barnabas, forged from a mutual desire to ask provocative, open-ended questions about life as we live it today.


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