Is Exercise the New Elitism?

Is Exercise the New Elitism?

From the costly gym membership you never use to the fat-shaming of women and bragging about marathon training on social media, has our fascination with keeping fit turned unhealthy?

At the start of the new year there’s more pressure than ever to exercise. But does this just mask a new form of snobbery? Are we creating a narcissistic culture that celebrates great abs over emotional wellbeing and treats the overweight like second-class citizens? Being fit is high fashion but can everyone afford to join in?

Join speakers including Lorraine Candy, Luxury Content Director at The Sunday Times and former Editor-in-Chief of Elle, Tim Weeks, Olympic trainer and fitness thinker, and Morgan Rees, Content Director of 3CMedia, in a debate chaired by Observer columnist Miranda Sawyer, to explore the role of fitness in modern society.

The talk takes place on Thursday 2nd February 2017 in the beautiful chapel at The House of St Barnabas. Doors open at 6:30pm, the event will start at 7:30pm. Guests are invited to stay afterwards at the not-for-profit members’ club to socialise in the bar and continue the discussion. Buy tickets here.

This will be the 17th event in the ongoing series, 37 Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain, which is a partnership between BUG and The House of St Barnabas, forged from a mutual desire to ask provocative, open-ended questions about life as we live it today.

The House of St Barnabas is a charity whose vision is to create a future where lasting work is a reality for people affected by homelessness and social exclusion. Participants in their Employment Academy are given work placements throughout their not-for-profit members’ club, enabling them to gain valuable work experience in a vibrant, inclusive and culturally driven space and City&Guilds awards in Hospitality and Employability.

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