How to be a man

How to be a man

Scarcely a week passes these days without men’s behaviour being publicly scrutinized and challenged. They are blamed for sexism, bullying, emotional stunted-ness and even global economic crises, and told they abuse their position of social privilege.

Yet research shows Britain’s males to be increasingly insecure about their roles, anxious about traditionally female concerns such as body image, self-esteem and parenthood. Encouraged to become more “feminine” yet also remain “manly”, they wonder what acceptable masculinity is in 2014.

This talk will consider what the changing roles of men means for both genders in 21st century Britain.

Speakers: Mark Simpson, author and journalist who coined the term metrosexual; psychotherapist John Mckeown, co-author, with Paul Gascoigne, of Being Gazza; bestselling author and former editor of The Face Richard Benson. Chaired by cultural commentator Ekow Eshun.

This talk took place on Tuesday 2nd December 2014 and was the 9th event in the ongoing series, 37 Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain, which is a partnership between BUG and The House of St Barnabas, forged from a mutual desire to affect positive social change by asking provocative, open-ended questions about life as we live it today.


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