Gen Y and the New Quarter Life Crisis

Gen Y and the New Quarter Life Crisis

Thursday 10 July 8 2014, 7.00pm/House of St Barnabas, London

Speakers: Owen Jones, Laurie Penny, Celeste Houlker. Chaired by Miranda Sawyer. 

Britain’s 18-25 olds a lost generation paying for the mistakes of their elders, and self-pitying malcontents with unrealistic expectations. Generation Y and the New Quarter Life Crisis ask which of these descriptions is right?
There is no doubt that that Generation Y faces serious challenges. Wages are low, and living costs spiralling; welfare state support has been reduced, and the internship treadmill can last for years. But, as Lena Dunham’s Girls records, they also have boom-period aspirations – home ownership, rich experiences, identities defined by exciting and fulfilling careers. Should they?
At a time when thousands of graduates are unable to move from family homes, and one in ten seek to work overseas, this debate asks if the quarter-life crisis is real, and considers what it could mean for the nation’s future.

Gen Y and the New Quarter Life Crisis is the seventh in the 37  Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain series of talks, curated by Bug for the House of St Barnabas, a charity supporting the homeless in London at 1 Greek Street, Soho Square, London W1D 4NQ.


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