Are You in Love with your Phone?

Are You in Love with your Phone?

Smart phones have had a bigger impact on our daily lives than any new technology since the invention of TV.  Most of us now find it impossible to live without them. But how are they changing us for better and for worse? Do we love them too much? Does being without your phone give you separation anxiety?

In the age of the selfie, social media and sexting, are our phones making us more narcissistic and less emotionally engaged than ever? Or are they simply the most important tool for work, fun and personal relationships in the early 21st century?

Greg Williams, Deputy Editor of WIRED, writer and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer and Sam Baker, co-founder of The Pool join Bug’s Stephen Armstrong to debate whether our relationship with our phones is changing our lives for the better or the worse.

This talk took place on Tuesday 8th September 2015 in the beautiful chapel at The House of St Barnabas, a charity that helps those affected by homelessness back into lasting employment. 

It was the 12th event in the ongoing series, 37 Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain, which is a partnership between BUG and The House of St Barnabas, forged from a mutual desire to ask provocative, open-ended questions about life as we live it today. 


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