All Families Are Psychotic

All Families Are Psychotic

The family and our competing defintions of what it should be now occupies a place at the centre of British political and social debate.

The right believes the conventional family is a unit so worthy that it ought to be rewarded financially. The left embraces a unconventional models, but is still careful to reference “hardworking families” when talking to the electorate. Religious leaders weigh in, psychotherapists blame family relationships as the for dysfunctional behavior – and the rest of us muddles along as best we can.

Is anyone right? Do families help or hinder?  And most importantly can we ever escape their influence?

Speakers were India Knight, Sunday Times columnist and author; Melanie Rickey, journalist and fashion editor; Professor Andrew Samuels,  psychotherapist and award-winning author. Hosted by Miranda Sawyer, the debate asked why and how the idea of “family” become such a contentious subject at a time when socio-sexual attitudes are held to be loosening. Do they fuck you up, your mum and dad? All Famiiles Are Psychotic sought to find out.

‘All Families Are Psychotic’ was the fourth in the 37  Things You Need To Know About Modern Britain series of talks, curated for the House of St Barnabas, a charity supporting the homeless in London at 1 Greek Street, Soho Square, London W1D 4NQ.


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